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5 Tips for Recruiters: How to Find the Best Employee

Workforce is an integral part of any enterprise. When you hire someone you hope this person will direct all the effort towards a common goal. But if your choice is wrong, worse that could happen is money losses for the company. So manager should be careful when hiring.

To recognize the really talented person among other people, recruiter should have a wide range of skills and deep intuition. We provide you with some methodologies which have proven themselves lots of times.

Calculating of successful and mis-hires cost

There are four online calculators to measure the return on investment in employees:

Calculate employees you will have to hire and fire in order to achieve the high rate of success;

Calculate employees who were promoted;

Calculate the typical costs of mis-hire and hours spent to sweep them out;

Calculate how much it will cost to replace mis-hire employees.

Make job description as clear as it possible

The most of hiring ads are so vague that people figure out details only when interviewing. Managers don’t want to spend their time describing the job aspects. As a result they got costly mis-hires. So try to create a vivid ad in order to attract employees who have already aware of this job. Don’t waste time.

Use network and connectors to get high performer

This is cheaper and more efficient that ad or recruiter. Look through the social media, pick up the phone and e-mail and communicate with someone you already know. Also you can use connectors (people who are not suitable for the job, but probably in touch with those who can become your employee).

Don’t make them lie

When face-to-face interview, manager likes to ask typical competency questions like, “Can you tell me about situation when you demonstrated your leading skills?” Of course anyone can come up with the answer and overstate the own skills or character traits. So advanced manager should what know and how to ask a person to get the full and clear information about what he or she is capable.

Threat of reference call

This is very efficient method to filter botcher out. Such worker doesn’t want you to communicate to the previous employer anyway. Conversely, the high performer is happy to refer the former bosses. Experienced recruiters advise to remind about the reference call between parties when interviewing.