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Dealing with Going Back to the Internships Starting Block

Transitioning to a new career is difficult enough, but when it’s a move to do something that you are passionate about then it should be easy, right? Not necessarily. There are some aspects of going back to the starting block that are a bitter pill to swallow, such as internships, but it’s a small price to pay for a future career that you will be exceedingly happy in. Get comfortable with the fact that you are going to have to bite the bullet on a few points.

Fake It

Being the oldest intern can cause a serious dent in the confidence department, but at your age you really should fake that your confidence is in no way bruised, and you love being at the bottom of the rung. You know you’re going to climb that ladder faster than most, but even though your confidence may be hiding from you, pretend it’s right there on the frontline, cheering on your re-introduction to the world of internships.

Don’t Be Overeager

It’s a common mistake amongst those doing internships to try too hard. You as the oldest will know that it’s not the best foot forward, and you would do best to not look like that old classmate who looked like she slept with her hand in the air all the time. Give others the benefit of the doubt and you may be surprised what you could learn from those younger than you. Internships are not easy for those embarking on a new career again but it does show tenacity and guts to take on such a role again. Concentrate on the work experience rather.

Don’t Stalk the Social Circuit

Keep the socialising in check. If you prefer to put your swollen feet up after hours and listen to Sinatra while drinking Green Tea, then don’t make the mistake of trying to talk about Justin Bieber’s latest hits and how they make you feel. Your internship does not define your age; it defines your personality and shows your ambition to succeed. If you kid around about your age and not taking it too seriously, it will put others at ease.

Starting a new job is difficult enough but if you find yourself making tea for a secretary half your age, you’re going to feel slightly awkward, but try not to. Easier said than done, we know. As long as you can see the end goal and what your internships will ultimately bring, just bear in mind that before long you’ll have someone making tea for you, and so the cycle goes.