What are the requirements for online education?

While it may be easier in many ways than trying to get a degree in a traditional manner, studying online is not without its own special requirements. The requirements can be divided in to two categories, your personal requirements and the requirements of the computer system you will use. We will discuss the personal requirements here.

Personal Requirements

Good written communication skills: Since the vast majority of all of your work and communication for and with professor for your grade will be in written format, you should be comfortable with communicating through text. If your skills are lacking in any way, a few courses early in your online education career can make the difference to lead you to success.

Good time management skills: At the beginning of your courses you are likely to receive a syllabus and schedule of assignment due dates from the professor. You need to be able to manage this schedule mostly on your own with little or perhaps no reminders from the instructor.

Self-motivational ability: You should be able to motivate yourself to do various forms and types of work for your classes without much more than written interaction with your fellow classmates and the professor.

Basic familiarity with computers: If you are not fond of computers, or perhaps you only found this website with someone’s help, then you will perhaps want to consider taking some basic computer courses at the local community college before you begin your online education

Will my degree state that it is an online degree?

No. There is no designation on most degrees from universities that distinguish it from a degree obtained through traditional classroom attendance. In polls, more than 60% of employers asked reported that they would give no preference to one type of degree over another even if they did know about it.

How many online classes can I take at once?

That will depend on the university that you choose as different schools have different thresholds for an “overload” schedule. At most schools the limit is 18 units or six standard classes per semester. In order to take more than this, you will have to receive an override authorization from your counselor or the head of your major’s department.

How will I access my online classes?

Once you have signed up for online classes you will receive a username and temporary password for logging into your school’s online system. Once you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. You will use this online system in order to access the various features for all of your classes.

Do I need to be good with computers?

No. You should have a passing proficiency with surfing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mails, and preferably basic word processing software such as from Microsoft or Lotus.