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Interior Design Degree Online

A career in any field of art and design can be quite exciting. One among them is interior design. The job of an interior designer is to work with interior spaces and make them visually appealing. Although a major part of their work goes into decorating the space, they might also get involved in some basic architectural aspects as well. Getting a job in this field can be quite difficult and a mere high school diploma may not be sufficient. You would have to pursue a program that is accredited by the National Associations of Schools of Art and Design or the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.

Pursuing a full time regular program may seem quite difficult for some people, and for them the best option would be to go for interior design degree online. As an interior designer you would be able to work in different settings. You could work as an interior designer for residences or even work for commercial places like hotels, airports, office buildings, etc. When you take up an interior design degree online, you will be taught all the skills required to make the place as pleasing as possible. As part of the coursework, you would learn art history, art theory and criticism, space planning, construction, computer aided (CAD), etc. Besides web lectures and study materials, you might also have to take apprenticeships or internships to learn how to apply the knowledge you have gained from the course. The training that the internships or apprenticeships offer would help you understand how to design spaces better. You would be able to learn to design spaces that are consistent with current trends in the market.

The interior design degree online could be offered as an associate degree in science or as a bachelor of fine arts or master of fine arts. The entry requirements for the program may vary depending on the level of the program. There are also certificates and non-degree programs that are offered by many. However, it would be best to have at least an associate degree in order to get the right job. It must be noted that the program structure varies from one university to another. So, it would be best for you to check the structure before enrolling for the program. The master’s program is usually ideal for those who hold a bachelor’s degree and would like to learn more about the field.

Post completion of your interior design degree online, you might also have to get a licence. This is mandatory in certain states. You would have to take an exam conducted by National Council for Interior Design Qualification. On completion of the course, you may find ample opportunities to work since the statistics by BLS indicates that there will be 19% increase in demand for interior designers.

Here are some universities that offer online programs in interior design:

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

University of Florida