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Nursing Degree Online

As per the statistics provided by BLS, there is going to be an increase in demand for health care professionals. In the healthcare field, besides doctors there are many other professions that one can consider pursuing. Nursing is also a good career option for those interested in working in healthcare industry. To become a nurse, it is highly necessary to have a good educational qualification. You would require at least an associate degree to get an entry level job. If pursuing a regular full time program seems difficult to you, then there are plenty of nursing degree online that are provided by many universities. But before you decide to enrol for a program, you would also need to know certain things about the programs. To become a registered nurse is not very easy. There are different levels of nursing degree online available.

They are Master of Science in nursing, Bachelor of Science in nursing and associate of science in nursing. The Master of Science is usually for those who have completed Bachelor’s and is looking for a promotion in their career. These programs usually require the person to specialise in a particular field like radiology, lab technician, etc. For fresh high school graduates, they have the option of going for a bachelor’s program or an associate program. The program duration for the bachelor’s is longer than the associate program. If you are looking to start your career immediately, then it would be best to enrol for an associate program. Although specialisations are offered only at the master’s or bachelor’s level, certain universities may offer specialisations at the associate degree level too.

As part of the coursework, you would learn about nursing fundamentals, caring for adults and children, nursing pharmacology course. These are usually common courses that you would have to study. But these courses may differ depending on the university you would like to join. So while deciding to enrol for the nursing degree online, you would have to see if the coursework would help you get the job you want. The program should be able to equip you with the sufficient skills required to start your career.

Nursing degree online can be quite difficult to get into. The eligibility requirements for the program are quite strict. Certain universities may expect you to take entrance exams and also require letters of recommendation. While joining the university, you must ensure that is accredited. Post the completion of the program, you would also have to get a licence to start practising as a registered nurse. You would have to qualify the exam conducted by National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). The licence is mandatory in most states and is very crucial if you would like to build a good career in the field of nursing.

List of universities offering nursing degree online:

University of Pennsylvania

Duke University

Georgetown University