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Online Degrees: Are They Accredited?

Lots of schools are offering online degrees to students across America. From automotive technician courses to advanced degrees there are so many schools and programs being offered that it can be hard to distinguish simple enrichment classes from fully accredited and recognizable degreed programs

Are you interested in online degrees? Are you sure which online degrees are accredited? If not, read on and we’ll examine what to look for when researching online degrees programs.

Online degrees are exploding in popularity. Quite simply, our lives are way too busy to fit one more thing into our schedules. Work, raising a family, tending the yard, paying bills, keeping in touch with family members and friends, and leisure pursuits all take up our time. Add in some education and you think, “Are you kidding?!” No, I am not: you can pursue online degrees without setting foot into a classroom. Learn when you want, what you want, and at your own pace.

Before starting with any online degrees program, you must first make certain that the school is fully accredited by a respectable government agency. The Council for Higher Education and the U.S. Department of Education can tell if you if a particular program is accredited or not. Why is this important? Well, for one big reason: your diploma or degree could be worthless if it isn’t recognized by a legitimate accreditation agency.

For the record, most programs and schools are fully accredited, but you make certain that their academic standards pass muster. All U.S. schools are typically part of a regional accrediting agency such as:

* Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
* New England Association of Schools and Colleges
* North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
* Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities
* Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
* Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Each of these six accreditation agencies will examine every program out there. When applying for online degrees programs, make sure that your school has been accredited by one of agencies.

Naturally, if your school isn’t accredited it doesn’t mean you won’t get educated. However, accreditation is a process that ensures that online degrees are recognized and of value. You don’t want that paper you are holding in your hand to be worthless, do you? Of course not!

Once you have determined the legitimacy of a program then apply today with complete peace of mind. You won’t be sorry and before you know it you’ll be a recipient of one of several online degrees that carry the same weight as a degree obtained in the classroom!