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Online Education Opportunities Abound

The internet is revolutionizing the way students research, learn, and even go to class. Thanks to the influence of the worldwide web, tens of thousands of students across the nation are taking classes to gain a certificate, complete a degree, or to simply enrich their lives.

Today, many students never set foot into a classroom; instead they log on and interact with teachers, professors, and fellow students right from their laptop. Let’s take a look at the advantages of online education and what it can offer for you, the student.

Learn When You Want, Where You Want – It used to be that if you took a course, that you had to be somewhere at a certain time. No more. Thanks to online education, you can study while eating breakfast, lunchtime while at work, on weekends, you name it. A schedule that has been made by you or no schedule at all. Online education certainly has its advantages!

Save On Gas, Car Expenses – That 20 mile round trip to campus is a thing of the past. That translates to 20 miles less per day meaning fuel savings and less wear and tear on your car. Do the math: online education can mean zero car expenditures. In these days of elevated fuel prices, online education offers one more attraction to it.

No Boundaries, No Physical Impediments – Let’s say you live in Georgia and really like Penn State’s business program. While you have Georgia on your mind, Pennsylvania is calling your with an offer you can’t refuse. So, why move and why refuse it? Instead, if accepted, you can take a Nittany Lion course from the comfort of your Savannah home and never have to set foot in State College, PA. You’ll get the same classes, the same degree as the student who lives on campus or commutes. You’ll commute too: telecommute, that is. But, on your terms and your timetable.

More Options Than Ever Before – Any school offering online education can now be considered by you. In fact, some schools outside of the US are also offering courses. Take a literature class at Oxford without traveling to England. Study French history via the Sorbonne without going to France. You get it: if there is a course available online, you can take it off-site no matter where you are in the world.

Some schools such as the University of Phoenix strictly offer online education, while many others including well known trusted universities offer courses on campus and online. Some universities with strong online education programs include: Rutgers University, East Carolina University, Boston College, and Drexel.