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The Online Student’s Learning Kit

Every student needs supplies for their school year and online learning students are no exception. Before you can begin your career as an online learning student you are going to need a few things, including some important technology that is necessary for your success, like the right computer or laptop. You will need to decide which of those you want, each has benefits. You will also require Internet access and there are several types to choose from.

Laptops vs. Desktop Personal Computers

If you are attending courses at a brick and motor university a laptop computer is a necessity these days, but this isn’t the case with online education. With online learning you can learn from the comfort of your own home, so you have the option of using Desktop computer, which has some advantages over a portable notebook or laptop. For example, Desktop systems typically pack more power for less money and come with monitors that are often larger than the screens on portable systems. One issue to consider about Desktop systems is that they are stationary. You will have to do your coursework from home, at a desk.

For those who prefer the freedom to work and play anywhere a laptop might be the right option. Laptops are portable and can be powerful today, though it might cost a little extra to get a large high resolution screen and all the capabilities you want. They can vary widely in size, power and weight. Some laptops are more portable than others and weight can be a factor if you are frequently on the go. Also, if you choose the freedom to work on a portable computer outside of your home Internet access is something to consider. You will either need to rely on available wireless hotspots that are either free or can be paid for by subscription or per use. Another way to ensure you are always connected is a wireless internet service; many mobile telephone companies offer this service for a monthly fee.

Buying the right Laptop

If you decide to go with a laptop as an option, then you should consider what kind of laptop is right for you. There are several varieties of laptop to choose from. Here are some of the varieties available:

Standard Power Laptops: These vary in weight and size and are typically used for regular business applications like word processing, communication, presentations and other mobile office tasks. In general for students they are a good choice.

Developer/Gaming Laptops: Developer and Gaming laptops are powerful machines with intensive graphics capabilities, they tend to have large screens and weigh more than standard laptops. These are good for students taking computer programming or design courses.

Lightweight Laptops: Lightweight laptops are, as the name suggests, are lighter and often smaller than other laptops. This does not mean that they are less capable however. You may pay extra for it, but if you are constantly on the go, the reduction in weight might be worth it.

Additional Supplies

Depending on your coursework and instructor, you may need books or other necessary school supplies. Once you have everything prepared, you need to finally decide if you are ready for an online education.