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Traditional Schools Add Online Education To Their Portfolio

You can credit online pioneer the University of Phoenix with galvanizing schools, colleges, and universities across America to offer higher education courses online

Yes, fixed based ivy covered institutions of higher learning have learned something themselves: start offering online education opportunities to interested students or risk losing these students to schools such as the University of Phoenix. Let’s take a look at just what is being offered online now by traditional higher education institutions.

Nearly 20 years ago, the University of Phoenix – a for profit private school – began to offer courses over the internet to students interested in pursuing an online education. The school’s program, unique at the time, has been credited with opening up an entire horizon of possibilities for students who might otherwise have not pursued additional schooling. Since then, similar schools have also gotten started, but none have quite matched the University of Phoenix in size, scope, and impact. Indeed, the University of Phoenix is now the largest private university in America with some 150,000 students enrolled.

Based in Chicago, DePaul University is now reaching students living in all fifty states and in dozens of countries worldwide. Thanks to the internet, online education opportunities through this prestigious Roman Catholic university has a “School for New Learning” all set up for students interested in obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from them.

Down in sunny Florida the Florida Institute of Technology has joined the online education revolution too. An online Masters of Science in Systems Management degree with a concentration in Information Systems is now being offered by the school. The university is now one of many offering masters’ level and higher course right online.

In the Garden State, just fourteen miles from New York City is the Roman Catholic school Seton Hall University. Long favored by students who enjoy the schools accessibility to Manhattan, Seton Hall’s online education offerings include a Masters in Health Administration degree, favored by those pursuing hospital, nursing home, and similar type management positions.

Gonzaga University, the Washington state school that has gained fame due to its Men’s basketball program, understands that an online education may be the only option for some students. Thus, the school offers two degrees: a Masters in Communications and Leadership Studies and a Masters in Organizational Leadership.

Scores of other brick and mortar institutions have joined the online education ranks. This is great news for students wanting a degree from a recognized institution without having to attend classes online. How about you? Will you pursue online education opportunities too?